"I am amazed at how comforting Dr. Blum, Debbie and the rest of the staff are. All of my procedures have started after complete explanations by Dr. Blum. Once started, Dr. Blum's continuous feedback and genuine conversation, completely kept my mind at ease."

-Carmen Bailey-
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Below are the answers to Frequently Asked Questions. The categories are General Dentistry, Dental Design, Payment Options and Credentials. Click on the desired category header to expand the corresponding section. Feel free to contact us if you have still have a question or would like to schedule an appointment.

  General Dentistry Services
What should I expect from my first visit?
Our comprehensive oral examinations and professional dental cleaning provide us with a clear picture of your oral health and related conditions. Examinations of head, neck, jaws and inner mouth are performed for early detection and correction of potentially serious conditions.
Please visit our Forms page to download, print and fill out specific forms before your first visit. Thank you.

What kind of X-ray equipment do you have?
We are proud to use low-exposure Digital X-ray equipment. Compared to traditional film-based equipment patients can be exposed to 90% less X-ray radiation. That is an improvement we all can be happy about.

I haven’t been to the dentist in a while. Can I be your patient?
We look forward to it. We specialize in caring for those who have not provided the utmost care for their teeth and oral health, no questions asked. As a Clinical Instructor at the Eastman School of Dentistry, Dr. Blum understands the importance of good oral health as part of the overall well-being of his patients. Your treatment will ensure that you can return to a state of oral health with the least amount of procedures necessary, so you can smile again, soon.

I have healthy teeth and gums. Can I be a patient of your Preventive and General Dentistry Services?
Absolutely. Our goal is to ensure every patient can make the claim “I have healthy teeth and gums”. If you are there already, we will work with you to keep you there.
  Dental Design Services
  Payment Options



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