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Dental Implants

Dental Implants

A unique smile with every procedure.

Feel the Benefits of Modern Implant Dentistry 

Dental implants are embedded into the jawbone via a titanium post and feel and act as a natural tooth. Many patients find that dental implants feel more like a natural tooth, for they do not slip, or move while chewing or talking.

Dental implants:

  • Preserve the overall integrity of your healthy smile.
  • Feel just like the teeth you were born with.
  • Are incredibly strong and reliable.

Are Dental Implants Right for You?

If you’ve lost a tooth due to tooth decay, or root fracture you should look into dental implants.

Implants are aesthetically superior to bridges and dentures. They are a long-term, durable option – an almost permanent solution for tooth replacement – and look like real teeth.

Surgically fused to the jawbone, implants are designed to work and feel like a rooted tooth. Unlike cumbersome bridges and dentures that can come loose, dental implants aren’t anchored to other teeth or gums, so they preserve the overall integrity of your healthy teeth. They can also help reduce further decay of otherwise sound teeth on either side of an implanted tooth.

Dental implants are made of titanium, a strong, clean, and light material ideally suited for surgical procedures and implements.

Our Experience

We are the compassionate dentists in modern implantology with decades of experience in restoring dental implants and teaching the most contemporary dental techniques at the University of Rochester’s Eastman Institute for Oral Health. We build confident smiles, one patient, at a time.

Dr. Blum and Associates offer the most comprehensive and contemporary solutions for dental implants.

Come-in for a consultation, and we can create
a personal care treatment plan with you!

Dental Implants: FAQ

Dental implants are small titanium cylinders that replace the root of your missing tooth/teeth.  

With proper home care, we expect the majority of Dental Implants to last the rest of your life.

Most patients report that implant placement is much less uncomfortable than an extraction. When can I go back to work after Implant surgery? Most patients are very comfortable and return to work the very next day! Can you replace more than one tooth at a time? You can replace as many teeth as you would like or need! We frequently replace an entire upper or lower jaw of teeth, to eliminate the need for removable dentures. This can be done with as few as 4 upper or 4 lower implants!!

Although trained in the surgical portion of the procedure, we choose to utilize a team of surgeons outside our office because they are specialists who place implants every single day. Research supports the fact that implants placed by specialists have greater long term success. How much do Implants cost? They can be surprisingly affordable. Schedule a no charge consultation today – and find out!
Dental Implant
Dental implants
Dental implants

Reviews from Google

Jane DiBiase

Dr. Blum, Dr. Dakwar, and staff are friendly, caring, and accommodating. The office is welcoming and conveniently located adjacent to 12 Corners. I’m happy to recommend them to family and friends.


Steve Visco

I have been going to this dentist office for the past two years. The hygienists are great, and everyone in the office makes you feel comfortable and welcome. I have also had work done by Dr. Blum on a couple different occasions. He does a fantastic job and he makes sure that you are comfortable throughout.


Monica Anderson

The dental care provided me by Dr. Blum and his staff is one well grounded in the very best educational and professional standards available. The whole staff models a standard of excellence while being friendly and polite. Respect and genuine caring have been my experiences in a spotlessly clean, cheerful environment where my time is respected, as is theirs. Any urgent matter is given the utmost care and concern should the need arise outside office hours.


Heather Cook-smith

Friendly staff, gentle but thorough hygienist. Dr. Blum is a personable expert who treats his patients as if they're family.


Carl Kesselring

I have been going to Dr Blum's office for over 30 years. When he moved his office to the other side of the city I decided it was worth the trip to stay there. I don't think you can get better dental care anywhere else.

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