Gum Disease

Gum Disease

Treat or prevent gingivitis and periodontal disease.

It’s Important to Treat and Prevent Gum Disease.

Gum disease, also known as periodontal disease, affects the majority of Americans.  Typically Gingivitis is the most common and if left untreated it can lead to the more advanced gum and bone disease called periodontitis.

Gum disease is caused by plaque build up due to poor oral hygiene. . Bacteria build-up causes your gums to become red, swell and bleed.

Most patients with gingivitis feel no discomfort, but without routine check-ups, it could result in tooth loss.

It is very important to schedule regular appointments with us so that we can monitor your dental health and provide preventative contemporary dental solutions.

Schedule an appointment with us immediately and take extra care of your teeth to avoid these diseases.

Come-in for a consultation, and we can create
a personal care treatment plan with you!

Gum Disease: FAQ

Gum disease (really bone disease) is the condition where the bone that holds the teeth in the jaw, is lost. What causes it? The vast majority of gum disease is caused by bacteria.
Yes!! Gum Disease is Preventable. Good home care, especially flossing, along with professional cleanings, can prevent almost all tooth loss from gum disease.
Tooth loss is not part of aging. It is almost always caused by neglect! There is almost no reason to ever lose your teeth, as long as you spend a few minutes a day doing some home care, as instructed by your Dental Hygienist.
In the early and moderate stages, it can be treated non-surgically, in your general dentist’s office, with a series of cleanings to remove the harmful deposits and instruction in proper home care. Advanced stages are treated by a gum specialist (Periodontist). Their treatment may include surgery to make the teeth more cleanable.
Gum Disease
Gum Disease
Gum Disease

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