Mouth Guard

Mouth Guard

Protect your teeth!

Sleep & Live Better with a Mouth Guard

Most of us clench or grind during sleep. A properly fitted Night Guard will protect your teeth from damage due to grinding (bruxing).  

Custom dental Night Guards prepared by a dentist are far superior to over the counter ones that are not fitted properly.

It’s a common misunderstanding that teeth grinding is a problem that only affects your teeth when in reality it can have many ripple effects on your lifestyle. Teeth grinding is most commonly caused by stress and anxiety. Teeth grinding has repercussions on your overall quality of life such as; loss of sleep including insomnia, facial muscle pain, spasms, headaches, and pain in your neck and jaw.

Custom Dental Night Guard

Custom dental night guards are made in the lab using a molded impression of your actual mouth. They offer the most protection for any application of a mouth appliance. They are less likely to fall out and will last longer than an off-the-shelf mouth guard.

Snoring is not just a nuisance for you or your bedmate. It can be a serious medical disorder called Sleep Apnea, which can increase the risk of heart disease and other serious conditions. Wearing an oral appliance for snoring is a method that is helpful for many people. Snoring is the sound made from turbulent airflow causing soft tissue to vibrate during sleep. These appliances position the jaw opening in a way that opens the airway to reduce snoring.

Sports Mouth Guard

Sports Mouth Guards can reduce the occurrences of tooth fractures, concussions, soft tissue/gum injuries, jawbone fractures, neck injuries and lip, tongue and cheek lesions. Mandatory for athletes in sports where mouth trauma is possible.

Oral Appliances for TMJ

The temporomandibular joint (the TMJ joint) is located where your jaw bone meets your skull. The TMJ is complex. 

The TMJ is held together by ligaments originating from different parts of the head and neck to support the jaw and guide its movements. Several muscles are connected to those ligaments, and many aid in the motion of the lower jaw.

The TMJ works in two ways: like a hinge to simply open and close the mouth, just like a hinge on a door or a sliding motion called translation where your lower jaw moves down and forward. This motion helps the TMJ to move backwards and forward and from side to side for actions such as eating, yawning, talking and singing.

Because of its complexity and constant use, the TMJ can become sore, swell, and even fracture, causing limited movement of the lower jaw and acute pain in the neck and head area.

Painful TMJ typically results from teeth grinding, misaligned teeth or an impact injury. In some cases, TMJ soreness comes from your teeth, as opposed to the TMJ and surrounding ligaments. Mental stress can be a source of aggressive jaw activity. ,

At Dr. Blum and Associates we specialize in sleep apnea custom mouth guards and create mouth guards that are gentle and comfortable. Our mouth guards are made on-site in our lab using impressions that we take in the office.

They offer the most protection and gentle comfort since they are specifically designed to perfectly fit the mouth of our patient.

Come-in for a consultation, and we can create
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Mouth Guard: FAQ

A Mouth Guard a- is a small thermoplastic appliance that should be worn by all participants of sports which may include contact, in order to protect the teeth from trauma. Another type of Mouth Guard is the Nightguard, worn at night to protect the teeth from the effects of tooth grinding, which most of us do during REM sleep. A nightguard can also be used in the treatment of Temporal-Mandibular Joint Disorder (TMJ).
Sports Mouth Guard
Sports Mouth Guard

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