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Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening

State-of-the-art, safe, unique & affordable.

Have a Brighter Smile for Any AND Every Occasion!

Looking to brighten your smile? Our office specializes in teeth whitening services that can help you achieve a brighter, whiter smile!

We understand how important it is to have a beautiful, confident smile and that’s why we offer the latest technology and techniques that are available to help you get the results you’re looking for. 

For those looking to restore the natural color of their teeth and brighten their smile, teeth whitening is an option worth considering. 

Bleaching is the most popular form of whitening, which utilizes chemicals to break down stains and discoloration. 

Polishing and veneers are also options; polishing removes surface stains and veneers are thin porcelain pieces that are permanently placed on the front surfaces of the teeth. 

Our whitening process is quick, easy, and effective, and it’s designed to minimize sensitivity and discomfort.

We offer two options for Teeth Whitening: 

  • In-office whitening is the quickest way to whiten teeth, and it can be done in just one office visit. 
  • At-home whitening is a great option for those who want to whiten their teeth on their own time.

Before beginning any whitening procedure, it is recommended to speak with a dentist. 

Our team of experienced dentists and hygienists will help you decide which option is best suited for your needs. We’ll also provide detailed instructions and guidance on how to care for your teeth and maintain your results.

Don’t wait any longer to get the smile you’ve always wanted. 

Schedule an appointment today and start your journey to a brighter, whiter smile!

Come-in for a consultation, and we can create
a personal care treatment plan with you!

Teeth Whitening: FAQ

It depends! Some of our patients go through 1 course of treatment and never whiten again. Others, particularly if they smoke, drink coffee and tea, or drink Red Wine, will have to do “touch ups”  3 or 4 times per year, at home.
Professional treatment can range from $80 to $500 or more for an in-office accelerated procedure.
Treatment can take from 5 days for a teenager with mild yellow staining, to several months for very dark or Tetracycline stained teeth. 
Bleaching can take the form of preloaded, take home trays in a kit, custom made trays  that the patient loads with bleaching material, or in-office – 1 time treatment (much faster for those in a hurry!).
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Teeth Whitening
Opalescence Teeth Whitening Kit

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Jane DiBiase

Dr. Blum, Dr. Dakwar, and staff are friendly, caring, and accommodating. The office is welcoming and conveniently located adjacent to 12 Corners. I’m happy to recommend them to family and friends.


Steve Visco

I have been going to this dentist office for the past two years. The hygienists are great, and everyone in the office makes you feel comfortable and welcome. I have also had work done by Dr. Blum on a couple different occasions. He does a fantastic job and he makes sure that you are comfortable throughout.


Monica Anderson

The dental care provided me by Dr. Blum and his staff is one well grounded in the very best educational and professional standards available. The whole staff models a standard of excellence while being friendly and polite. Respect and genuine caring have been my experiences in a spotlessly clean, cheerful environment where my time is respected, as is theirs. Any urgent matter is given the utmost care and concern should the need arise outside office hours.


Heather Cook-smith

Friendly staff, gentle but thorough hygienist. Dr. Blum is a personable expert who treats his patients as if they're family.


Carl Kesselring

I have been going to Dr Blum's office for over 30 years. When he moved his office to the other side of the city I decided it was worth the trip to stay there. I don't think you can get better dental care anywhere else.

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