Tooth Filling

Tooth Filling

Prevent tooth damage!

Composite & Ceramic Tooth Fillings to Repair Teeth

Our most common general dentistry procedures are repairing decayed or cracked teeth and filling cavities due to decay.

Tooth decay or tooth damage should be addressed right away in order to save the tooth. If it is not fixed with a filling it will continue to degrade, crack, become severely damaged and lead to eventual loss of the tooth.

Types of Fillings

Composite Teeth Fillings

Today, composite teeth fillings are the most popular type due to new technologies and it’s superior durability and appearance. At Dr. Blum and Associates it is our dental filling of choice due to its added strength and it will not corrode.  This is an easy and gentle procedure for small cavities.

Ceramic Teeth Fillings

These are popular because the material used to cover up the cavity is formed in a dental lab and shaped to fit the cavity perfectly. Ceramic color can be matched perfectly to your teeth so it blends in perfectly. It is also extremely durable and long lasting.

Gold Teeth Fillings

The benefit of gold teeth fillings is for patients that want the ultimate corrosion and tarnish resistant teeth fillings that also won’t let saliva and associated bacteria into the cavity.

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Tooth Filling: FAQ

A tooth filling is an acrylic or gold replacement for a small amount of a  tooth lost due to trauma or bacterial acid breakdown.
Gold expands and contracts most closely to a natural tooth. Gold fillings (and crowns) have the greatest chance of lasting the rest of your life.
Our practice stopped placing Mercury-containing fillings over 20 years ago.   All the no-Gold fillings we place are tooth-colored, and match their neighboring teeth.
Tooth Filling
Tooth Filling
Tooth Filling

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