Toothache Pain

Toothache is often a sign that something is wrong.

It Should Be Addressed Immediately to Prevent Tooth Loss.

Tooth pain is caused by a reaction of the nerves inside a tooth’s (or multiple teeth) pulp chamber. Tooth pain is a protective response that ranges from light sensitivity to severe pain and informs the body that something is wrong with the teeth.

If you feel pain when biting down on food we can repair it.

Whether it is a cracked tooth or loose filing or both we are the gentle dentists that specialize in stopping toothaches. We provide the highest level of personal care in these situations.

If the pain is constant and severe, you may have an infection or abscess that has spread into surrounding periodontal tissues and bone from the pulp of the tooth. In this situation, we would provide you a diagnosis and appropriate treatment.

Contact us as soon as possible, if you have any kind of toothache.

Come in for a consultation and we can create
a personal care treatment plan for you!

Toothache: FAQ

A filling alone will very rarely solve your toothache. Many toothaches need a Root Canal or an extraction, to be treated. Just because you don;t experience any discomfort, you are not assured of having any Cavities!
Toothaches can be caused by an infected or dying nerve, infected gums or too much force on a tooth. Is it an early sign of a cavity? A toothache is never an early sign of a cavity. Early decay almost never hurts. It is usually a very late sign of a cavity.

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